We’re going to be away until next Tuesday covering Tim Mosedale’s MEGA triathlon. We’re going to be providing Tim with a short film containing footage from the event in memory of the members of Tim’s team who sadly lost their lives in the 2015 Everest Avalanche Tragedy.

Here are some words from Tim:

“I am raising money for some of the children whose fathers lost their lives at Everest Base Camp in April. As an Everest Expedition leader I have built up a close rapport with the Climbing Sherpas and expedition staff who I have been working with for the past 15 years. To that end I am undertaking a personal challenge involving a certain amount of hardship in the hope that you will feel that my venture is worthy of a donation.

I have been training (open water swimming and / or cycling and / or fell running) every day for 50 days to attempt the following:

  • Start at The Moot Hall in Keswick
  • Get on a bike
  • Cycle the Fred Whitton route (approx 112 miles + 6 Lakeland passes with around 3,800m of ascent)
  • Back to The Moot Hall
  • Change in to swimming gear
  • Go to the lake and swim the length of Derwentwater
  • And back again (around 4.5km each way with 0m of ascent)
  • Back to The Moot Hall
  • Change in to fell running gear
  • Run (walk) The Bob Graham Round (66 miles, 42 peaks, 27,000ft ascent and descent)
  • Back to The Moot Hall
  • Collapse …

All in all I will be aiming to do all 3 events, back to back, in under 48 hours.

When the earthquake occurred in April there were 3 members of staff who perished at Everest Base Camp. There are now 9 children who are without a father – 6 of whom are of school age. It’s around US$1,250 per year per child for schooling so all in all that’s around US$75,000 / £50,000 that I would like to raise to give these families a better future. I don’t want to start paying for these children to go to school and run out of funds in 2 years’ time as that would be worse than useless.

Now that the families no longer have a bread winner then they potentially face extreme hardship and an uncertain future. There is no social security, child benefit, free prescriptions etc in Nepal and the mothers don’t have a career of their own. These families need a helping hand and I see that by educating the children I am hoping to give them a better future. If you want to see the training that I have so far undertaken please visit my Facebook.”

You can donate to Tim by visitng his Just Giving page which can be found here:
‘The Tim Mosedale Tri’


We at Tubado are giving our time and services free of charge in support of this momentous event for which I’m sure you will agree is for a really worthwhile cause!


We will be updating our blog keeping you updated with Tim’s progress so don’t forget to check back!


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